8 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Online Workout

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We’ve all been the new student in a class before, but when you throw a camera and the unpredictability of the internet into the mix, taking a Live fitness session can feel even more daunting than rocking up to a group workout at a studio.

But there’s nothing to fear. Here at CircTV, we offer both Live and ONE TO ONE digital training, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness pro or total beginner, or if you live in a small SPACE or a whole house. Everyone can find  the benefits of group training, whatever your lockdown experience might be. Anytime, Anywhere!

1. Always Have Your Equipment Ready Beforehand

Nothing will kill your flow like starting a workout and then realising you need to leave the rock

“Typically, I always make sure I have plenty of water, a towel to soak up all my sweat and my exercise mat, as I like a very grippy surface to workout on. Plus, I never forget to keep my laptop on charge so it doesn’t run out of battery mid-workout, and I use wireless headphones to amplify my experience.”

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2. Setup Your Camera Properly

It’s always best to test your camera before you log onto the workout, so you can position your device in a good spot with decent lighting.

“Always ensure your full body is in view,” says Gemma. “This will allow your instructor to give you proper instructions and cues. “Also,” “don’t be shy of moving your camera around.” If you’re in a small space you may need to shift your camera at different points of the class so you can stay in shot.

3. Wireless Headphones can Make all the Difference

Although it’s not necessary, Gemma says that if you own wireless headphones, you might want to consider using them them for the class.

“I use my AirPod Pros most of the time when I’m taking a class so I can always clearly hear any instructions, or sometimes I’ll hook my device up to a Bluetooth speaker.”

4. Mute Yourself

Noisy distractions can make or break a Live class,  “Always go on mute unless you need to say something important to the instructor.

“A top tip is that if you press and hold the spacebar, it’ll unmute you for the duration of the press and hold, and then shift you back to mute immediately after.”

5. Pin Your Instructor

“I always recommend pinning your instructor to the screen. “This will enlarge the thumbnail and hide your view of other people in the class.”

To do this, hover on the instructor’s thumbnail and click the three dots on the top right-hand corner - then simply click ‘pin’.

6. Don’t Panic if you Have Technical Difficulties.

“Technical difficulties happen to the best of us,” says Gemma “If you haven’t lost connection completely, reopen your booking link email and follow the process to start the class again.” You’ll join in live, so you might miss some bits, but Gemma says that you should take your time and ease back into the class.

7. Set up Early

It’s really important to arrive at least five minutes before the class. “Just like you would do in an  studio environment, be early so you can ensure you have all your equipment set up and water ready to go,!

“Take the five extra minutes to ask any questions, or to privately message your instructor if you have any limitations, are pregnant or are working with an injury.”

8. Don’t be Nervous

If it would make you feel more comfortable, Gemma says you can keep your camera turned off during the session, although it means you won’t be able to get visual feedback from the trainer.

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