About Circ Fitness Studio

Birthed from a Passion for Fitness through Movement and Aerial Yoga

Gemma Habington

Founder, CEO, and Lifelong Fitness Enthusiast

Gemma founded CircFitness after spending over 10 years exploring the world of health and fitness across the globe. She’s trained and well practiced the various art of aerial exercises through yoga, dance —even burlesque.

When her passion for discovery met the beauty of movement, her path was created. She’s traveled the world exploring new forms of movement. Sometimes through dance, like capoeira, and others through structure, like gymnastics.

She’s always on a path of discovery, venturing through the continents to find new and exciting ways to move and control the body. So far, her favourite exercises stem from martial arts, aerial arts, and calisthenics.


My motto is move to feel good.

Uniting Exploration, Adventure, and Exercise into One Brand: CircFitness

Gemma’s history of exploration for various styles of movement brought her here, to the founding of Circ Fitness. Her brand unites exploration, adventure, FUN  and exercise under one roof.

CircFitness is ready to get you moving in ways you never thought possible and always ready to incorporate more.

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Owner and Founder Gemma Habington