Importance of Physical Activity for Fitness and Well-Being

Stay Active, Stay Fit

Staying active is one of the best habits to keep our bodies fit. But do you know it can also improve your overall well-being and value of life? Here are just a few of the methods physical exercise can help you feel well, look well and live well. Physical activity can release tension, worry, unhappiness and anger.

Without exercise, your body gradually misses its power, energies and ability to work properly. It’s like the old saying: you don’t stop moving from growing old, you grow old from stopping moving. Exercise increases muscle power, which in turn grows your ability to do other physical activities. In fact, staying active for 15-30 minutes every day whether walking, walking fast, running, dancing or playing high-impact sports - can help you to live a happier and mentally healthier life.

Below are 8 benefits of physical activity and how they can help with your fitness and well-being.

8 Benefits of Physical Activity

1. Reducing Stress

Physical activity is highly beneficial in reducing stress. Whenever you feel stressed, take a walk or run - the change in mood is noticed quickly.

Remember that stress not only hinders your sleep at night, it also impairs your immune functions. So move whenever stress strikes at the door.

2. Effective Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are serious mental health problems and no one should ignore them.

In addition to having specialized counseling and treatment, patients suffering from depression should bet on the benefits of physical activity.

Exercise helps to release serotonin, the “well-being” hormone, which helps to elevate your mood and can bring about a better quality of life.

3. Blood Pressure Under Control

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke and can even lead to death.

Its main causes involve poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and / or inherited genes. If you suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure - or want to avoid the problem  you must take care of your diet and start exercising.

4. Shaped Memory

Scientists have confirmed that among the benefits of physical activity are preventing age-related brain tissue loss, improving attention span and increasing the ability to process information quickly.

5. Improved Sleep Quality

Staying active is sure to have some good effects on sleep. Physical activity during the day helps to induce good quality sleep.

When you rest properly, your muscles, bones and brain are rejuvenated, allowing you to make better decisions the next day. Physical exercise is one of the best, safest and cheapest treatments for insomnia.

6. Energy Levels at a Thousand

Feeling fatigued and low on energy all the time is one of the most common problems we face today. The reasons can range from emotional exhaustion to sedentary living.

But the best medicine you can take is to adopt a regular physical activity routine.

Another benefit of physical activity is increased productivity - which is why many companies invest in workplace gymnastics or promote initiatives to keep their employees active.

7. More Self-Confidence

Exercising or being physically active improves your confidence and self-esteem. Stimulating positive energy in your body has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

As we mentioned in one of the previous topics, exercising helps combat depression, stress, obesity and various health problems - issues that directly affect an individual's self-esteem and confidence.

8. Exercise can be fun… and Social!

Exercise and physical activity provide an opportunity to relax, enjoy the outdoors or simply participate in activities that bring well-being.

So bet on dance classes, go hiking or join a foot volley team. Find a physical activity you enjoy: try something new or do something with friends.

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